Loretta Lane – The Loretta Lane E.P.

Pembroke Records presents a mysterious tech house spell by the dark mistress, Loretta Lane. Necromancing spirits from the halcyon days of New York house, The Loretta Lane E.P. conjures a forgotten lore of growling bass lines, tribal percussion, and twisted tech melodies.

“Diable en Boîte” blends a sweeping boxy garage bass with a dizzy hook luring the ear like diabolical trickster, only to unveil a menacing gated siren like a homicidal lunatic waiting in ambush.

“Séance” booms with an explosive kick and bass contrasted with a thunderous hook of descending 5ths leaving scattered delays sizzling through the aether. The distorted toms sprinkle a twist of Spanish dance romance while a ghostly voice materializes like a summoned spectre.

Out now on Pembroke Records, don’t miss it!

Pembroke Records · Loretta Lane E.P.